Who are we?

We are very much like you - super motivated climbers. We love to climb on real rock and train in the climbing gyms. And like you, we have recently discovered that these climbing spaces have become....a little packed with other climbers. Don't get us wrong! We love that more and more folks are excited about our sport. But we have felt the need to create a more private venue to socialize with our smaller group of climbing friends and concentrate on our training.

So with this in mind, we have built the BlocBox here in Innsbruck. The climbing space where you book a private session for you and your friends!

Who we really are, or should I say who I am? To be honest, it is just me in this project. About 3 years ago I came up with this idea and started the process to realize it. Of course, this turned out to be a way longer path than I expected but now that it is reality, I hope that we can all enjoy this place!

My name is Remco and I am from the Netherlands. I moved to Innsbruck about 4 years ago. After my studies I decided to take a gap year. However, I fell in love with the mountains, climbing, skiing, mountainbiking and the spirit of Innsbruck. So this one year became a bit longer!

Would love to see you guys on the rock!
Don’t be shy to start the conversation,